NY’s MMA World Expo Approaches

Last year’s inaugural MMA World Expo, held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, N.Y., set a new benchmark for Mixed Martial Arts events. This Expo featured pre-show business sessions designed for MMA professionals, followed by days filled with consumer- focused displays, martial arts training sessions and more. The event created a new expectation that a Mixed Martial Arts event can include professional education and networking along with consumer interaction and retail sales opportunities.


“We had great response from the professional education and networking that occurred at last year’s MMA World Expo,” said Paul Paone, president and creator of the event. “And we look forward to providing even more opportunities for MMA industry pros, while still allowing a consumer connection, too.”

The second annual MMA World Expo will expand on all sides, including a more complete Business Seminar schedule; sponsored by MMA Business magazine, plus a larger exhibition show floor and more martial arts training sessions. Gym owners and managers, as well as MMA trainers and fighters attending this event will certainly benefit from the education and networking opportunities.

Two hour-long MMA Business seminars are scheduled for both Friday and Saturday mornings. Seminar topics will include Media Relations tips to improve the promotion of your business and your fighters; Financial Planning advice for business security; Chiropractic Care in your gym; and Stocking Your Pro Shop for maximum profit potential. These sessions will be lead by experts in the field who will share proven advice. Each session will include time for discussion, questions and networking interaction.

This event will also host the Renzo Gracie Open No-Gi Tournament. “The Renzo Gracie Academy is excited to be a part of the MMA World Expo,” said Renzo Gracie, the legendary martial artist, “and for the opportunity to further demonstrate the significance of the ground game in mixed martial arts, especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” Hundreds of martial artists will vie for the top spots in some 60 divisions. The tournament runs both show days and spectator fees are included with expo admission. Competitor registration is available at www.renzogracie.com

Both show days will also feature professional and amateur Muay Thai bouts. And Saturday attendees can watch – or participate in – a new No-Gi Take-Down Tournament, organized by Mark Yehia of Elite Plus Fitness.

Throughout the Expo’s showtimes, focused training sessions will be lead by some of the nation’s best fighters and martial arts masters, including Kru Phil Nurse, Renzo Gracie, Marcello Garcia, Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro, Jimmy Pedro, and others pros.

Registration for this event is open at www.mmaworldexpo.com.