Armor and weapons; are they the future of MMA?

Recently, there has been considerable use of technology in mixed martial arts. A body suit has been developed with inbuilt sensors to gauge the extent of damage inflicted by a strike on an unprotected part of the body. The UWM body armor is equipped with electronic sensor which can detect damage done by any strike on the body and then quantifies the real-life damage of an incised wound. The armor protects the wearer and displays the damage inflicted to the audience using CGI-generated 3d visuals. Such statistics can be used to tell who won in real combat by comparing the amount of damage done. UWM seeks to introduce weapons based martial arts system into the world.

Unified Weapons Master is the brain behind the suit, which not only is for protective purposes but also to determine the force on each strike. The suit is flexible and also has built-in sensors to calculate the damage inflicted by direct hits, and determining what extent of damage it does to an unprotected body.

This suit has proven to be effective since it has been tested by famous martial arts experts including World Muay Thai champion alias ‘The Arch Archangel’ Sone Vannathay.

Vannathay testified that the suit is very much protective and you can strike with as much force as possible without fearing that you may cause harm. The experience is exhilarating and hitting is also enjoyable.

According to Unified Weapons Master spokeswoman, the suit and its software is a working example and the firm is currently working to produce more of such. However, the suit is currently not available for sale but a similar training version will be made available soon. Additional capital would also be required to fund production of such suits.

Built to withstand high impact strikes

The UWM suit is built to determine the exact force and location of impact on the competitor. The suit is then furnished to process a result, just like video games, but based on real, full contact martial arts combat, instantaneously. The suit is able to endure blows from martial arts weapons that are blunt. All data on damage done is continuously gathered until a blow is received on the suit that is capable to make the opponent go out of action.

Opponents have several lives in order to extend matches. The winner is determined by the extent of injuries.