The effect of technology on Mixed Martial Art

The use of technology has been introduced to mixed martial art over time and this has had great impact on the sport. Other than increasing interactivity, technology has also resulted in mathematical coaching and comprehensive data streams.

There has been improvement in the mixed martial art since math’s presence in the combat sport has become immobile. This is attributed to the establishment of Fightmetric and Compustrike among other factors like intense logic to win matches and increased competition using game trees.

Scholars tend to focus on all sports, because despite the excitements during the performance of an athlete, people need to know how the magic took place. Fortunately, there is technology and brains to explain that. Technology has added a lot of worth in mixed martial art by modifying how some activities are run such as judging done by judges, training of fighters, participation of fans and promotion issues.

Mapping of movements

  • iPunch gloves

They are aimed at tracking the speed of striking with a fist, the correctness and strength which is then enhanced by either feeding the information to one’s local Fight Yoda and observes what pops out or use the in-app caching software. Besides training, a smart glove has more absorbing applications and the kind of data contained in it can be used by judges to figure out the winner.

The Director of Responsive Sports, Steven Cains, refers to his attached app and the sensor-laden gloves as, Guitar Hero meets Boxing.

  • Smart armor

This is a body armor that was designed by an Australian company known as Unified Weapons Masters. It is enhanced technologically with electronic sensors which registers the force of a strike as it is and the actual damage of a stab. The armor produces data that can be shown to spectators through the use of 3D visuals as it also guards the user from physical damage to the body. The Australian company is also trying to come up with weapons-based on martial arts systems.

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Increasing the reach

iJudgeFights is an application that has not fully developed yet though it provides a basis for interaction among fans of mixed martial arts. Users can record and share scores, judge fights as well as receiving updates on mixed martial arts.

Despite the current technological advancement on Mixed Martial Art, more innovations are expected which are aimed at improving the combat sport.