Gear needed in Mixed Martial Arts training

MMA (mixed martial arts) is the integration of different fighting styles and forms. When fighting with an opponent, the players will make use of a wide range of techniques. MMA utilizes striking arts such as kickboxing, karate, and boxing, Muay Thai with judo, jujitsu and wrestling (grappling arts). The MMA was once underground, but it has seen its rise into fully fledge contact sport watched all over the world.

What you need to start MMA

If you are new to MMA, the proper training equipment is crucial for your success. When the chips are down, protecting yourself is what every MMA fighter has to know. The first step is obtaining the right gear once meeting the procedural demands, which the MMA expects of you.

MMA Gloves

These are light as compared to standard boxing gloves. They are sometimes called grappling gloves, as there are finger openings to perform submissions and clinch maneuvers. 4 to 6 ounce of padding is a recommendation for beginners whereas the professionals use the 4 ounces. Light gloves offer speed while heavier ones offer endurance. However, light gloves cost you endurance, and heavy gloves will cost you speed. You can use the heavier gloves during training to build up endurance.

Boxing Gloves

Two techniques are commonly used in MMA; grappling and striking. When performing sparring and boxing, you will need decent gloves. Leather gloves are the best, though expensive. Always protect your sparring partner and yourself and avoid the risks of injuring your hands or knocking your partner’s head.


Proper headgear use is essential during tough and rough sparring. The headgear covers the head. Covering of jaws and cheeks is essential during tougher trainings. You can also use adjustable headgear for adaptation in most events.

Shinguards/Instep guards

Since heavy kicking is frequent in MMA, shinguards protect your shins. They can cover back of the legs, the shin, and calf. All this is for protection and comfort during a fight or training.

Mouth guard

You should never compromise the mouth guard at any cost. It is vital. Sparring without a mouth guard can result in the breaking of teeth or chipping of a tooth. To be on the safe side, go for a custom-made mouth guard, preferably from your dentist. However, if you have the money to acquire the best mouth guard there is, do not hesitate to spend. After all, it is for your protection.