Mixed Martial Arts Rules

Mixed martial arts is among the fastest growing vibrant and robust full contact combat sports globally. MMA is a sport that allows it participants to incorporate punching, boxing, grappling methods while in combat with an opponent.

Currently, there is no body to govern global activities of mixed martial arts. There also are no set of standardized rules hence the way in which participant engage in combat will greatly vary among geographical locations.

Aim of MMA

The sole objective of mixed martial arts is to defeat your opponent using kicking, punching or grappling techniques. In the previous years, MMA fighters usually majored on only one tactic like boxing alone. However, currently many fighters tend to incorporate all MMA tactics while training.

What this means is that fighters will have a base style for example Thai boxing but also integrate Brazilian jui jitsu to give them an additional lead. This all-round approach in MMA is vital in possessing important skills translating to winning streaks.

Rules of MMA

  • Each match has three rounds of five minutes each
  • Matches should take place in a cage measuring 20-32 square feet
  • For equal chances, fighters must only engage opponents of equal measure and weight
  • After the combat is initiated, only legal MMA techniques should be used.

The following attacks are not allowed in MMA:

  • Attacks to the groin
  • Eye gouging
  • Striking or grabbing the throat
  • Manipulation of fingers
  • Biting
  • Pulling hair
  • Head butts
  • Throwing your opponent out of the cage intentionally
  • Attacking orifices
  • Striking the back of the head
  • Strikers should adhere to referee’s instructions always

Weight classification

The following groups of weight are used in adult combats:

  • Super heavyweight (over 265 lb.)
  • Heavyweight (205-265 lb.)
  • Light heavyweight (185-205 lb.)
  • Middleweight (170-185 lb.)
  • Welterweight (155-170 lb.)

Winning the match

The following rules apply in order to win a match:

  • Knockout – striking an opponent until they lose consciousness
  • Decision – if all rounds of the match are played, the decision rests upon judges
  • Submission – when one opponent places the other on a hold causing them to ‘tap out’
  • Technical knockout – this is usually called by the referrer, fighter’s corner or doctor if continuing to fight is a health risk to the opponent.
  • Forfeit – if the opponent leaves a match when unable to fight or injured.
  • No contest – if both contestants use strikes that are illegal or accidental injury by an illegal action, this call is made.