Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

Two categories exist, grappling and striking techniques. Kicking, punching, knee strikes are striking techniques. Pin holds, holding, sweeps, takedowns, throws and submissions are grappling techniques. In the mixed martial arts world, a great deal continues to happen every time. There has been occurrence in transitions between the sporting arts components for example, Muay Thai, the Brazilian jujitsu and wrestling. These changes happen within a very short period. A fighter can apply various techniques in a fight. The commentators even rarely get the time to explain the moves.

The ten most common examples you can find in an MMA fight are described in this article. Knowing how to fight, grappling, or striking is not enough if you wish to be a competitor in one of the big promotions in mixed martial arts. You must have the knowledge of the basics of the art.

Famous strategies which most MMA fighters apply include the following.

Sprawl and brawl

Used when defending a takedown. It is mostly used by boxers, karate fighters, and kickboxers when avoiding takedown and it allows a fighter to keep standing.

Ground and pound

When applying the technique, an opponent is put to the ground via a takedown or a throw (Takedown is the process of off balancing your opponent to force him to go down to the ground). With a grappling position, he gets on top and uses his fists and elbow to strike the opponent. Its application is used before submission hold.

Submission seeking

It involves a fighter taking his opponent to the rings ground and then using a hold of submission to force him to surrender. This technique is common in the Brazilian jujitsu, sambo, and judo.

Score-oriented fighting

Application of the techniques is by fighters who have a strong background in wrestling when facing skilled fighters, with experience in Brazilian jujitsu or fighter who are stand-up. By taking down your opponent, you score points. However, for you to win, you should master the techniques for defence, which you apply to avoid a takedown.

Clinch fighting

The fighter will use a clinch hold to inhibit his opponent from getting into a distant, which is enough outside the range of striking. At the same time, the fighter continues to deliver knee strikes, elbow strikes, punches, stomps and try in bringing down the opponent with a takedown. Wrestlers and judo fighters in most mixed martial arts matches employ the technique