Mixed Martial Arts: Things you should know

The growth of MMA has attracted new fans all over the world. In the past, MMA matches involved freak show elements and mismatches. This has however changed to become a legitimate sports entertainment industry, accepted and respected all over the sporting world.

What is mixed martial arts?

In the sporting world, MMA is the fastest growing sport. It combines techniques from Olympic sports, martial arts, kickboxing, karate, Muaythai, judo, wrestling, tae kwon do, and boxing.

An MMA match normally has three rounds, each round going for five minutes. In the case of a championship event, the fights lasts five rounds.

There are fouls too

The unified rule lists more than 25 fouls. For example, head butting is a foul, no small joint manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conducts that can lead to injury are prohibited. If a foul is committed intentionally, the referee has the right to disqualify the competitor. In most cases, deduction of a point occurs in the event of a foul. This is crucial in a three round match. A fighter who has been fouled is given a recuperation period of five minutes.

How is a fight scored?

Three judges with different viewing points observe the match. They evaluate match techniques like effective grappling, domination of fighting area, defense, effective aggressiveness and effective striking among others.

A 10-point Must System is used. 10 points are awarded to the winner of a round while the loser receives 9 or less. However, in rare cases, each competitor gets 10 points.

MMA fighters are highly skilled sportsmen and women

In sports, the MMA trained fighters are well conditioned and skilled. Training takes years of hard work and dedication to become the best. Furthermore, wrestling scholarships have seen many MMA fighters acquire university degrees.

A fight can end in a number of ways

A bout can end through, submission, knockout, technical knockout, forfeit, judge’s decision, technical draw, decision and no contest.

The cage is actually for the safety of the athletes

An important part of fighting safety is the cage. In some states like Victoria in Australia, MMA fights happening in a cage are prohibited. Contrary to that, the cage is for protecting the athletes especially when the aspect of wrestling is involved.

According to the unified rules of MMA, a fighting canvas should be fence enclosed and safeguard a fighter from falling or breaking through it.