New Technology Used In MMA Training

There has been increased use of technology in MMA by fighters in order to get an advantage over opponents. Some of these gadgets are outlined below.

Altitude mask

This gadget is increasingly being picked up in MMA. Developers of this mask argued that exposure to and withstanding tough conditions during resistance training is good in MMA training then limiting airflow will improve your respiration ability. This mask enhances lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, anaerobic threshold and mental focus. Since it imitates high altitude training, a 20 minute workout can feel as if you have been working out for an hour.


This application is a development of Responsive Sports. It monitors your punch velocity, accuracy, power and then uses this data to generate feedback to tutor. This app monitors a user’s activity through MMA gloves that are with implanted sensors. The data is relayed via Bluetooth to the iPunch app.


This software makes it able for fans to score live mixed martial arts matches round by round. This mobile based applications makes it possible for fans streaming online events to judge fights. Nonetheless, because of the partnership with Samsung, all MMA combats and contents will have to be streamed through This will make it much simpler for MMA fans to access real-time streaming and access fights and other matches which they are unable to watch live.


This is the only weighed compression gear and currently, its popularity constantly rises among MMA athletes. Whether you had an interest in ankle weights or weighted vests but discovered they bounce too much and just don’t compare to what you had expected, Titin can help with that. Titin gear is equally distributed and compresses to fit the body tightly. This gear is important if you want to build speed, endurance and strength. The outermost compression shirt which is manufactured by Sorbtek, employs moisture absorbent technology to avoid irritation and to keep wearers dry, contains the gel and holds it firmly and comfortably. It ensures users have utmost balance without shifting weight.

Technology has greatly influenced mixed martial arts. From mobile apps to altitude masks, technology is imparting an integral role in shaping the future of the sport. Since mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sport globally, ensure that you watch out for the latest invention being used here that may soon be incorporated in other sports.